• Materials Engineering 2 and 3

    Course description


    This course provides greater opportunity for the application of the processes and skills introduced in the previous courses. More complex operations will be explored. Greater emphasis is placed on craftsmanship, problem solving, and independent class work. Students will engage in a variety of activities designed to help them become proficient in the set-up and operation of a variety of machines including computer controlled machines. Students will improve their skills operating traditional machines as they prepare materials for CNC machines, produce jigs fixtures, and work on traditional projects. Computer drawing skills will be explored as students design numerous projects such as CNC cut signs and parts for larger assemblies. Digital imaging and desktop publishing techniques are used as students maintain project portfolios. Students will be expected to achieve a high quality level of work.


    Course objectives


    1.    Craftsmanship is paramount, take pride in your work. If it is worth doing, do it correctly.

    2.    Knowledge of processes and other technical information which will enable the student to plan logical work procedures, to estimate the cost and to make the mathematical computations that relate to student work (real world application of core concepts).

    3.    The ability to read, interpret, and work from technical drawings prepared by others as well as the ability to prepare sketches and technical drawings themselves for their own design problems or to make an existing design fit their application.

    4.    A sense of pride in quality workmanship as well as the ability to evaluate one's own accomplishments objectively and with a view toward continued progress.

    5.    The ability to design objects that solve a problem or serve a function, that is aesthetically well designed and that are structurally sound.

    6.    A positive attitude toward work and toward cooperative relationships with others and a positive attitude and an awareness of practices concerning health and safety in a manufacturing environment. This lab is for you to use, maintain it, put items away, clean up, look after the tools, help others out, make new friends, and cooperate with everyone. Take advantage of this room while you can. Not many people have this privilege to access these tools; once you leave you probably will not have it again.

    7.    An insight into and understanding of the various manufacturing technologies.

    8.    An opportunity to discover and understand the opportunities in the field of manufacturing/engineering and others.

    9.    The ability to use CAD software to create the geometry for machine programming purposes.

    10.  An opportunity to experience CNC machine setup and operation.

    11. To gain an appreciation for woodworking as an art form.

    12. Further development of the skills associated with Material Engineering.

    13. To become familiar with some of the less common and more advanced operations of Material Engineering.

    14. Develop a respect for the care and use of tools and materials.

    15. To develop an understanding for NC code and utilize computer control.

    16. To utilize LASER Machining for advanced and intricate work.




              There is a lab fee for the class and/or any required projects. For all independent projects students must bring in their own materials.


             Materials Engineering 2 usually starts off with a smaller required project and then will progress into independent projects. Materials Engineering 3 is usually all independent project work. If you visit the specific class webpage, it will offer more information to the specific project and example work.