• Student Council

    Hey East!  Check out the PPT for the different levels of participation in Student Council and register or apply for any or all of them!  The Forms will be due by Friday, September 25th, so fill one out today!
    RED WHITE AND BLUE Dodgeball
    Student Council is a club designed to sponsor events that bring the school community closer together and boost school spirit. The interview process will be conducted by our outgoing seniors. Student Council runs events such as: Homecoming, Red, White, & Blue Night, The Dodge Ball Tournament, and more! Interested in joining?
    Here’s what you need to know… If you plan to participate in Student Council you are expected to contribute at least one hour per week, and attend all Student Council sponsored events. Student Council is a big commitment; we are relying on you to get the school involved, and give us feedback on events to improve them for the future!