• Short Stories  
    Although we'll be reading these stories in class, you'll want to review the stories by following the links below.  Consider the elements of fiction we've discussed as you read these stories.   
    "7th grade" by Gary Soto
    FOCUS:  Plot Line (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution) 
    FOCUS: Prediction and Foreshadowing 

    "War of the Wall" by Toni Cade Bamabra
    FOCUS: Symbolism and Theme 
    You'll need to know the following terms/information at the end of the unit: 
    • major characters
    • setting 
    • major plot events 
    • foreshadowing in "Charles" 
    • symbolism in "War of the Walls" 
    • characterization 
    • conflict types 
    • mood