9/11 Lesson:


    We reviewed the quizzes.  They were great.  Median was a 100% for pd 1, 97% for pd 3.  Averages were 14.3 and 14.38 out of 15, respectively.


    Then we did the attached mini lesson and I checked pg 44’s RTN.  Then we did pg 50 # 58-70 even as practice and we went over problems individually and on the board.


    Tomorrow we will do more domain algebraically.  Wednesday will be parent graphs (in the back cover of your book if you want to make sure you are good) and linear and geometric transformations.  Thursday test on:


    Algebra Review: Factoring, solving quadratic equations, complex numbers, exponents, writing equations of lines, slope and y-intercept, parallel, perpendicular, simplifying radicals, roots of functions, operations & composite function, inverse functions (algebraically, graphically), synthetic & long division

    Domain and range, interval notation (graphically, algebraically)

    Parent graphs & transformations (quadratics, cubic, square root, cube root, power functions, absolute value, linear and nonlinear piecewise functions)