Art Three

  • The goal of the Art Three course will focus on refining skills through a more advanced study of media and processes involving drawing from direct observation, painting, printing, and three-dimensional design, along with Art History, Criticism, Aesthetics and Philosophy. This course meets for 18 weeks.




    -          9” x 12” (minimum size) sketchbook: spiral or bound

    -          Number two pencils/drawing pencils (optional)

    -          Kneaded erasers (optional)

    -          Canvas for painting unit ($ to Levin later in the course)

    -          Plastic container for paint




    In this course, we will cover major topics/units. These will include, but are not limited to:


    Unit 1 – Acrylic and string on Canvas                                  Unit 4 – Color: Pastel Portraits

    Unit 2 – Observational Drawings from Life                          Unit 5 – Found Art Sculptures

    Unit 3 – Large Scale Acrylic Paintings                                 Unit 6 – Tromp L'Oeil (if time remains)




    All art projects will first be evaluated by the student and then by the teacher. I will take into   consideration your evaluation and feedback when producing your final grade for each project. You will be evaluated in three major areas:


    1. Responsibility (10%): Students will start off each marking period with 50 points. To receive full credit, be on time, be present, work diligently the entire period, show interest, demonstrate effort by going beyond the basic assignment, and clean up after yourself! If you are late, you will lose daily credit (one point). Students’ attentiveness and attitude are taken into evaluation and can/will affect their grade.


    1. Classwork (20%): Every student will be responsible for completing all assigned readings, questionnaires, worksheets and sketchbook assignments. Sketchbook assignments will be due weekly. They may be handed in the next day for partial credit. After this day, sketchbook assignments will not be accepted.



    1. Projects (70%): All required assignments/projects will be successfully completed as described by assignment handouts. All assignments will be turned in for assessment, and all major projects will be assigned a point value. Smaller assignments will be given an individual point value as well. All objectives will be based on concepts taught, composition/design, technique and studio/working skills. This is an activity-based course, so active participation will be imperative by you, the student!




    All projects will have a due date by which they will be due to be turned in. Some projects will be given a due date half way through the assignment as each class works at different rates. If you have an excused absence, one extra day is allowed for each excused absence, with the understanding that the project will be made up after school or at home. It is your responsibility to find out about missed assignments.




    Students are to exhibit courtesy and respect to the teacher and to their peers at all times.


    1. BE ON TIME!

    2. Be prepared for class.

    3. Respect both teacher and fellow classmates.

    4. Respect all art materials, projects and opinions.

    5. Please limit eating or drinking in the art room. Bottled water with a lid is preferred.

    6. Cell phones may be used on a limited basis. No texting or chatting on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Mrs. Levin will revoke cell phone usage class-wide if this privilege is abused.

    7. Clean up your entire work areas at the end of class.

    8. Keep talking to a quiet minimum…use your energy for creating art!

    9. Be creative, challenge yourself, and have fun!!