• Welcome to Oceanography!

    Oceanography is a broad field in which many sciences focus on the common goal of understnding the oceans. Geology, geography, geophysics, physics, chemistry, geochemistry, mathematics, meteorology, botany, and zoology all play roles in expanding our knowledge of the oceans. Course level essential questions that guide instruction are:

    • What processes formed the ocean basins?
    • How and why do oceans move?
    • How is heat transferred from ocean to atmosphere?
    • What is the composition and history of sea water?
    • What is the relationship between marine organisms and their environment?

    One of the finest oceanography labs in the world is the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. They have developed a wonderful web presence for oceanography education called Dive and Discover: Expeditions to the Sea Floor. Another organization that has built a strong web site for the study of oceaography is the Monterrey Bay Aquarium , their Fun and Learning section is particularly good.