Office 2013 Review

  • This year the district upgraded to Office 2013. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the new software. If you are not finding Office 2013 on any of your school PC’s please place a Work Order to request it. There are 4 videos below that can help you learn about some of the new features. We are also offering an optional webinar at 10:30am. It is important to test some your existing content made in Office 2010 to see how/if it works with Office 2013(It should work fine).

    Task-Spend 45 minutes completing one of the following activities:

    1. Attend a 20 minute webinar

    2. Watch the posted videos

    3. Explore some of the features of Office 2013 with a colleague

    4. Test your existing content to ensure that it works in Office 2013

Office 2013 Webinars @ 10:30am

  • Please enter the virtual session by clicking on the appropriate link. You will be automatically brought in to the session. If you have any concerns, please call the Help Desk at ext. 2100.  Note:  You are encouraged to watch the webinar in groups. Please consider using your projector and having multiple people watch the webinar together in one room.


    1. You must have a microphone, a laptop with a microphone or a virtual microphone in order to participate. Please ask your building tech for assistance with the virtual microphone if needed.

    2. You can install the virtual microphone on your computer if needed. Click here to start the installation. Then click on the Virtual Microphone Icon. A black box will appear and a warning message. Please select Install this driver anyway. You may also submit a help desk ticket to ask your building tech to complete the installation for you.
    3. Internet Explorer is the best browser to use for this.

Office 2013 Videos

Office 2013: Microsoft Word

Office 2013: PowerPoint Updates

Office 2013: Outlook Updates

Office 2013: Excel Updates