• Get to Know Mrs. Scherr
    The 2023-2024 school year will be Mrs. Scherr's 18th year teaching in Central Bucks, however, she has 30 years experience in CB. How is that possible? 18 professional years and 13 student years. She attended Doyle Elementary, Lenape Middle School and C.B. West! After graduating, Mrs. Scherr went on to earn her bachelor's degree from Temple University and master's from Delaware Valley University. When asked why she chose to be a teacher, she enthusiastically responds, "There is nothing more important or rewarding, than helping children find their potential. We celebrate every success - WHOOP THERE IT IS!"
    Here are some of her favorites.
    Colors: purple and green
    Animals: octopus, horse, red panda, Monarch Butterfly, sea turtle
    Shopping: Amazon, Walmart, Giant, Starbucks
    Food: (Gluten allergy) dark-chocolate covered strawberries, YORK peppermint patties, ICE sparkling water, kiwi
    Activities: reading, hiking and exploring, swimming in the ocean, observing and caring for animals, traveling
    Interests: Pokemon, dragons, unicorns, superheroes, wild animals, stickers, children!