• 6th grade

    I am really looking forward to our year together!  Sixth grade is full of fun, lots and lots of learning, reading, writing, and challenges.  Together we will build a strong classroom community where all people and ideas are respected and buckets are filled on a daily basis.  Room 202 should always be a place that you look forward to coming to each day.  I can certainly say that I enjoy coming to school each and every day! 
    In reading, we will be using our mini-me to help us monitor our inside thoughts while we are reading a variety of texts.  We will enjoy several read alouds together, and learn how to use different reading strategies to help us all become better readers.  We will also be on the lookout for interesting and important vocabulary to improve our use of context clues to determine meaning for new words.  As a class, we will work together to develop a love of reading and become “Phanatic About Reading!”
    In math, we are going to build on everything that you have learned in fifth grade!  It is extremely important to be reviewing your basic facts throughout the summer, so that you are ready for new mathematical challenges in September!  A good game of "24" is always a great way to review those basic facts!  There may be a few "24" tournaments throughout the year!
    In writing, we will be building our community of writers!  We will spend a lot of time writing in our writer's notebook, developing our grammar, and working on writing as a craft.  We will use some of our favorite authors as mentor texts to help us with our own writing, we will use each other as peer response groups, and celebrate each other’s writing when it becomes published.  We will be crafting our own stories by writing personal narratives and memoirs, improving our research skills as we research volcanoes and prepare for sixth grade assessment, and improve our argumentative techniques.  Get those Writer's Notebooks ready because Room 202 will be full of fabulous sixth grade authors in the coming year!
    In Science, we have a lot of exciting, hands-on units that will really get you excited about Science.  We'll be exploring units on Pollution, the Human Body in Motion, and Earth's Changing Surface this year.  As Bill Nye says, “Science rules!”
    Last, but certainly not least, is Social Studies.  We will be learning about ancient cultures as part of History Alive as we become sixth grade historians!

    As a sixth grader at Titus, there are many opportunities and privileges that you will enjoy.  You may be a bus line leader, showcase your personality on morning announcements, enjoy two fun-filled field trips, and conduct research on a topic of your choosing as a part of the sixth grade assessment project.

    Sixth grade is the time for you to take all the great skills that your previous teachers have taught you and apply them.  More importantly, you will have an opportunity to leave your mark on Titus.  I hope that you are as excited as I am about our year in sixth grade together. 

    Enjoy the rest of the summer, and I'll see you in August/September!

    We are… Room 202!