• Science
    What Does a Scientist Do?
    I Wonder Circle
    I wonder: notice, ask questions, state problems
    I think: consider, gather information, predict
    I try: experiment, model, test ideas, repeat
    I observe: watch, examine, measure
    I record: record data, organize, describe, classify, graph, draw
    I discover: look for patterns, reflect, interpret, conclude, communicate

    · Collect and record weather data
    · Compare weather patterns
    · Compare living and non-living things.
    · Investigate survival needs of living things.
    · Explore the properties of color, shape, size, and texture.
    · Classify objects according to their properties.
    · Recognize that all matter exists as solid, liquid, or gas.

    - See more at: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/11144#sthash.pIwqeGSC.dpuf