• Writing
    1st Grade Language Arts Curriculum
    • Participate in daily writing activities for enjoyment, in response to experiences and literature, and as creative expression.
    • Be introduced to the steps of the writing process: pre-writing, detailing, responding, revising, editing and publishing.
    • Print correct letter and number forms.
    • Develop the readiness for spelling, including letter sound correspondence and use of phonetic spelling.
    • Follow oral directions to a satisfactory conclusion.
    • Actively listen to gather information, to respond to questions, and to respond to literature.
    • Use capital letters for names, and the first word in a sentence.
    • Use period and question marks correctly.
    • Use simple sentences.
    - See more at: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/11145#sthash.V0ivm9y5.dpuf-