• welcome back

    Welcome Back !

    I am so excited to see you and can’t wait to hear about your summer. I had a relaxing summer as well as enjoyed some fun and learning too. I loved biking around Central Park with my kids, trying out new healthy recipes (I love to cook and bake in healthy ways and try them out on my family), exercising with friends, learning Tai Chi, spending time with my kids, tutoring students, and I even took a few trips. I have been working hard on
    the classroom setup in our room, planning the curriculum, and collaborating
    with your homeroom teachers. I even took a few workshops and read some great teacher books, because I love to continue to learn throughout the summer. We have so many exciting things to learn and experience this year. Attached is a list of supplies you will need for the Packel Room (these items are separate than the items you will need in your homeroom). Please bring these items the first day of school (in a separate bag labeled “Packel”).  I will also be giving you a summer call before the end of August…….. I can’t wait to chat with you. Take care and I will see soon. 
     All my best, Mrs. Packel

        Supplies for 3rd and 4th grade Packel Room:

    ·      2 boxes of Tissues

    ·      Baby wipes

    ·      Pack of bullet tip expo markers

    ·      Expo eraser

    ·     3 Packs ofpencils

    ·      A pack of loose leaf paper with red margin line

    ·      A positive attitude

    ·   Your letter to me