• Title
  • Week 1
    Focus Questions: What motivates explorers to find new places?
    Whole Group Text:  Questions! Questions! Questions! (non-fiction: informational text)
    • How Do I Get Home from Here?
    • Is My Life Better with Inventions?
    • What Can We Disocovers When We Work Together?
    • What Questions Will I Answer
     Discoveries Through Time Discoveries Near and Far

    Text Selection: Fossil Hunters


    Text Selection: "Because It's There":
    The Everest Quest
    (Informational Text)

    Week 2
    Focus Questions:  How does science help us understand and live in our world?
    Whole Group Text: Questions! Questions! Questions! (continued)
     Discoveries Through Time   Discoveries Near and Far

    Text Selection: Hibernation: The Cold Sleep(informational Text)


    Text Selection:  Exploring the Deep Ocean
    (informational text)


    Week 3
    Focus Questions:  What happens when scientists make discoveries?
    Whole Group Text: I, Matthew Hension: Arctic Explorer
     Discoveries Through Time Discoveries Near and Far

    Text Selection:  Back on Track
    (realistic fiction)


    Text Selection:  An Extreme Expedition
    (realistic fiction)


    Week 4
    Focus Questions:  What discoveries might be made in our future?
    Whole Group Text:
     Discoveries Through Time Discoveries Near and Far

    Text Selection:  The Time Hold
    (science fiction)


    Text Selection: Ambassador 1
    (informational text)


  • Comprehension Strategies and Skills
    Determine Importance
    • Distinguish fact from opinion
    • Identify main idea and supporting details

    Summarize and Synthesize

    Make Predictions
    Liteary Elements
    • Mood and Tone

    Fluency, Vocabulary, and Word Study

    • Greek and Latin Roots
    • Inflected Endings
    • Antonyms
    • Idioms
    • Metaphors

    Text Features

    • Captions
    • Index