Step 1: Click on the "Summer Materials" link at the bottom of the page. That will be your confirmation that you received the summer assignment. 
    Step 2: Complete the summer assignment. Follow the instructions, and be sure to write your answers by hand.
    Step 3: Bring all summer assignment materials to class on Day 1 (Tuesday, September 5, 2023).


    • This assignment is similar to summer reading in English. It is a significant activity that will likely take several hours to complete. It is not a good idea to wait until shortly before the first day. Avoid frustration- start early.
    • This assignment will require thinking and analysis, not just repetition of facts.
    • Ask questions. Use your school account to E-mail Mr. Weaver along the way. (by September 1.)  The best learners ask questions, whether that's in high school, college, or adulthood.
    • Use resources around you to help clarify difficult concepts. Barron’s, Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc. are all good supplements (although not replacements) for the textbook readings. You can find them online, in stores, or even in the Bucks County Library System.
    • Simple, short quizzes may be administered early in the marking period to assess your understanding. These quizzes could start as early as the first day of class. 


    Using your school email only, send any questions you have to MR. WEAVER by September 1.