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    This list is available for all 7-0 students--past and present.
    * Current 7-0 students:  Please note that we will investigate each list together.   
    List 1

    amiss (adv) wrongly, in a mistaken way

    cognizant (adj) aware; knowledgeable about something through  personal experience

    (adj) serving no useful purpose; completely ineffective
    imminent (adj) ready to take place; looming
    iota (n) a very small amount

    (adj) having a smooth, sweet flow or sound
    reluctant (adj) unwilling; feeling or showing hesitation

    List 2

    camaraderie (n) friendliness and loyalty among friends, companionship

    crux (n) the essential part, the most important point

    incongruous (adj) out of place, odd

    malady (n) illness, disease

    myriad (n or adj) many, numerous

    plethora (n) excess, surplus

    zenith (n) highest point, peak


    List 3

    cacophony (n) harsh or discordant sound [cacophonous (adj) form]

    desist (v) stop, discontinue

    inept (adj) foolish, incompetent

    loquacious (adj) talkative

    nemesis (n) a fearsome and usually victorious rival or opponent

    raze (v) to destroy to the ground

    surreptitious (adj) secret, stealthy


    List 4

    dearth (n) lack or shortage

    dissuade (v) discourage, advise against

    ensnare (v) trap, entangle

    innumerable (adj) countless, many

    notorious (adj) unfavorably known, infamous

    stalemate (n) deadlock, impasse

    vanquish (v) conquer, defeat 

     List 5

    apex (noun) summit, zenith

    elusive (adj) difficult to describe or capture

    incessant (adj) nonstop, persistent

    pandemonium (noun) chaos, uproar

    salient (adj) most important, significant

    stifle (verb) suppress, hold back

    verbose (adj) wordy (in writing), talkative (in speaking)

      List 6

    adjacent (adj) bordering, nearby

    cache (n) supply, collection

    enigma (n) mystery, puzzle

    malleable (adj) flexible, bendy

    novice (n) beginner, apprentice

    onus (n) burden, duty

    unsavory (adj) unpleasant, grubby

    List 7

    copious (adj) many, numerous

    deleterious (adj) harmful, toxic

    delineate (v) to describe in detail

    morose (adj) miserable, pessimistic

    plague (v) to bother, to annoy

    procure (v) to obtain, to acquire

    quell (v) suppress, crush


    List 8

    accord (n) agreement, harmony

    assiduous (adj) hard-working, diligent

    benevolent (adj) caring, generous

    discordant (adj) disagreeing, cacophonous

    extraneous (adj) unnecessary; irrelevant

    nonchalant (adj) being unconcerned or indifferent; relaxed

    spurious (adj) fake, false, misleading


    List 9

    admonish (v) to scold, to warn about

    bellow (v) to shout, to roar

    emulate (v) to imitate, to try to be like

    impartial (adj) unbiased, neutral


    miscellaneous (adj) various, assorted

    pervade (v) permeate, spread through

    repel (v) to drive back, to fight against


    List 10

    divergent (adj) opposing, differing from each other

    expedite (v) to speed up the process of

    facetious (adj) joking, meant to be humorous or funny

    hoax (n) trick, deception

    meager (adj)  not enough, skimpy            

    superfluous (adj) more than is necessary, not needed

    tangent (adj) irrelevant; not related to the specific topic

    IRON 7 (2016-2017)
    akin: (adj) similar, corresponding
    belligerent (adj) hostile, aggressive
    cumbersome (adj) hard to handle or manage because of size or weight  
    ebullient (adj) cheerful, full of energy
    nefarious (adj) criminal, evil, wicked
    prodigious (adj) impressively great in size or extent; massive 
    resplendent (adj) attractive and impressive by being richly colorful