• Need something to write about?  You've come to the right place!
    Try these prompts, taken from The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock.
    Here are over 1000 prompts, indexed by topic/category from The New York Times Learning Network.
    Here is a list of 140 picture-based prompts indexed by topic/category from The New York Times Learning Network. Or use this collection of 150 images to inspire writing from the New York Times Learning Network   
    On this website, you can get a grab bag of words.  The challenge is to include all the words from the grab bag into a story or poem or essay.
    On this website, you can hover over any of the numbers (there are over 300) for a creative writing prompt.  See what inspires you!
    Explore this photographer's collections of abandoned places in America.  Haunting images could lead to remarkable stories poetry.
    Try this random first line generator to spark a story. 
    Try this random image generator for an interesting setting.
    Here is a collection of strange borders from around the world.  Some of them might make interesting poems or reflective essays.  How do borders get this way?  What are the underlying stories behind them?  
    Here are five hundred narrative prompts based on articles in The New York Times.   
    Here is the blog I featured for a Writer's Notebook piece in October: Every Person in New York.  Find a sketch that fascinates you and write a piece inspired by it.
    Read this humorous piece, "Toddler Feelings Helpline" then write a humous helpline piece of your own.  Teen Feelings Helpline?  Teacher Feelings Helpline?  Basketball Players Feelings Helpling?  Marching Band Feelings Helpline?  THe possibilities are endless!