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    Chapter 19: How did geography affect life in ancient China?

    Overview -Students will create a relief map and a geographic poster of China’s five regions and support the hypotheses about the influence of geography on settlement and ways of life in ancient China.

    Students will…

    ·        describe the geography of China’sregions and analyze how each region’s physical features, climate, and vegetation affect daily life.

    ·        create a relief map.

    ·        record, analyze, and present geographic data.

    ·        locate the Huang He Valleyand explain why Chinese civilization originated there.

    ·        explain how China’s geographic features isolated it from the rest fo the world.


    o   region

    o   climate

    o   oasis

    o   North China Plain

    o   tributary



    Chapter 21:How did Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism influence political rule in ancient China?  


    Students will…

    ·        identify political and cultural issues at the end of the Zhou dynasty.

    ·        describe the lives and fundamental teaching of Confucius, Laozi, and Hanfeizi

    ·        explain how various schools of thought affected political rule in China.

    ·        apply Confucian, Daoist, and Legalist principal to contemporary situations.


    o   Zhoudynasty

    o   Mandate of Heavan

    o   feudalism

    o   Confucianism

    o   civil servant

    o   Daoism

    o   yin and yang

    o   Legalism



    Chapter 22:Was the Emperor of Qin an effective leader?  

    Overview -Students analyze and bring to life images aboutQin Shihuangdi’s political and cultural unification of China, his efforts to protect China’s northern boundaries, and his dispute with Confucian scholars.

    Students will…

    ·        explain how the emperor Shihuangdi unified northern China under the Qin dynasty.

    ·        analyze the policies and achievements of the Emperor of Qin

    ·        evaluate the extent to which Qin Shihuangdi was an effective leader


    o   Qin Shihuangdi

    o   standardize

    o   censor

    o   immortal

    o   Great Wall