• Do you have a child who is embarrassed about stuttering? Check out this video from a sixth grade Groveland student who has a few words of encouragement!
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    Setting up a "fluency enhancing environment" in the home is one of the most important ways to foster fluent speech in your child. Take a look at these 7 tips for parents with children who stutter:
    Parent Tip: Use naturally occuring communicative opportunities to gently encourage your child to use his easy speech strategies.  Refer to your child's speech folder for visuals or "rules" that outline how to speak fluently.  Encourage the use of these strategies during every day speaking situations. Encourage oral reading as an additional way to practice fluency skills. You can also click below for some commonly used fluency strategies.
    If you're looking for more direct ways to practice fluency skills through the summer months, take a look at these summer calendars.  Feel free to actually "fill out" the calendars, or skip that part! Have fun with it.