• Advanced Placement European History Exam

    The AP European History Exam was among the first AP Exams introduced in 1956. The exam tests knowledge of topics included in a full-year introductory college course in European history from c. 1450 to the present. Questions on intellectual-cultural, political-diplomatic, and social-economic history form the basis for the exam.

    Approximately half of the multiple-choice questions cover the period from 1450 to the French Revolution and Napoleonic era, and half cover the period from the French Revolution and Napoleonic era to the present, evenly divided between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. About one-third of the questions focus on cultural and intellectual themes, one-third on political and diplomatic themes, and one-third on social and economic themes. Many questions draw on knowledge of more than one chronological period or theme.
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    Some extra information to help you study for the exam.
    Large AP Euro Crossword Puzzle - Check with me for answers
    European Art Review - Understand the trends throughout history
    AP Euro Review Charts - Really helpful view of history in a sparknotes version
    Helpful Family Trees:
    Website for all Ruling and Noble Families - to find the family you are looking for, just search within the website.
    - See more at: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/7308#sthash.cdd7T2XS.dpuf