• Pay It Forward

    Kutz Elementary is committed to Paying It Forward! The concept,based on the book and movie by the same name, promotes students, families, andcommunities doing kind deeds for others without expecting anything in return,simply asking the person that was helping to "pay it forward" andhelp another. At Kutz, we suggest that students utilize their talents and time,rather than simply ask for monetary donations.

    Letters of Love

    For the past few years the students of Mrs. Corcoran's class havebeen writing Letters of Love. We use of friendly letter writing skills to writeletters to people that need a pick me up. Sometimes our letters are thank yous,encouragement, or just simply to say hello. Often we right to family orfriends, but many times we write to people that we do not even know personally,but we have heard of their story.

    Mrs. Corcoran's 2008 class was even featured on the NBC morningnews segment, "The Teacher Says".

    Pay It Forward Segment

    Our class also blogged about our experience on the Pay It Forwardwebsite.

    Pay It ForwardBlog