8th Grade Choir
    Upcoming Rehearsals:
    • Tuesday, April 19th from 2:45-4
    • Wednesday, April 27th from 2:45-4
    Winter Concert: Wednesday, January 12th, 2020 at 7:00 PM
    Spring Concert: Thursday, April 28th, 2020 at 7:00 PM

    Concert Info:

    • Reminding you all that the concert is on Thursday, April 28th at 7PM and features 7th Grade Chorus, 8th Grade Choir, Robe Choir & H-Factor. 
    • All 8th grade choir class students are expected to attend the concert unless they are sick, have a family emergency, family vacation or some sort of extenuating “once-in-a-lifetime” type circumstances.   
    • Report time for 8th grade choir members is 6:30.  (Robe choir members will likely report at 6:15). 
    • You can always visit my website front page or the calendar page for confirmation of upcoming rehearsal dates and times. 
    • There’s also a special 8th Grade Choir page on my website where I will post all of this information so you can find it at any time. 
    • The auditorium will be open for folks to enter and sit as early as 6:00 that night. 
    • There is no admission charge for our Winter and Spring concerts! 


    Concert Dress Code: 

    • Just as with our Winter concert, our goal is for the students to dress in plain black to take the attention away from our attire and focus it on the music.   I will remind the students of this in class. 
    • Please be sure what you are wearing is in line with the school dress code.   
    • Students can wear any type of plain black pants.  Dress pants would be great, but black jeans, leggings, yoga pants, etc. are also acceptable.  Ripped jeans are less desirable because it takes away from the solid black look.   
    • Any type of plain black shirt is fine – short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, polo shirt, dress shirt/blouse.  The more solid black, the better. 
    • If wearing socks, wear plain, dark socks.  Shoes should be your darkest, plainest shoes.  Again, dress shoes are great, but if you don’t have black dress shoes, black sneakers, dark brown shoes, dark colored boots, etc are OK.   


    After-School Rehearsals:

    • During the school day, the 8th grade choir meets in segmented classes.  In order to put our performance together for the concert, we’ll hold two after school rehearsals in the days leading up to the concert. 
    • Our after school rehearsal schedule is as follows:
      • Tuesday, April 19th from 2:45-4:00 in auditorium (please note this is the first day back after spring break!)
      • Wednesday, April 27th from 2:45-4:00 in auditorium
    • If a student cannot attend a rehearsal for an important reason (sports game, appointment, no ride, etc.), they can be excused.  See below for details.
      • I am aware that a large number of the choir members are also involved in a spring sport.  The spring coaches and I will collaborate to come up with a plan so students can split their rehearsal/practice time.  I never expect students to miss a Holicong sports game for a choir practice.  
    • Pick-up from after school rehearsals should be at the bus platform.  Mr. Glaser will be here until 5 on all rehearsal days, so if pickup at 5PM is more convenient than 4PM, students can stay until 5 and do homework until they are picked up.    


    Grades/Rehearsal Excuses/Makeups:

    • Each rehearsal and the concert is an opportunity for students to earn points towards their chorus class grade.  Students will have no problem earning all possible points if they are attentive, on task participants who are following directions and trying to sing their best. 
    • The concert is worth 50 points.  If a student ends up missing the concert due to illness or another important reason, they do not need to make up the assignment.  The assignment is just marked “excused”. 
    • Each rehearsal is worth 40 points.  If a student cannot attend one of the rehearsals for a legitimate reason, please follow this procedure to be excused and make up. 
      • First, the student or parent emails Mr. Glaser (in advance when possible) to inform him of the absence and reason.  Please use email so there is an electronic record – Mr. Glaser will reply to the email to confirm it has been received.
      • For the spring, students will make up credit for missed rehearsals by coming to an extra chorus class during their resource period.  If you are sending an email to get excused from rehearsal, please include the name of your resource teacher so Mr. Glaser can email them so they know you have permission to come to chorus during resource.