• Psychology

    Mr. Klein         Room A210

    E-Mail: dklein@cbsd.org


    This course is a work intensive and highly interesting elective that will serve as an introduction to the basic methodology employed by psychologists as well as such fundamental concepts as: schools of psychology, biology and behavior, personality theories and abnormal psychology. You will read A LOT.

    The course will emphasize established as well as current research related to understanding the field of psychology. Students will have an opportunity to enrich basic understanding of psychology through research of current topics related to the field. This elective also includes a historical perspective on psychology, an emphasis on individual behavior, human development, learning, motivation, and personality. Lastly, students will study the contributions and methodology of major psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, Ivan Pavlov, Carl Rogers, and B. F. Skinner.

    *All Psychology students will be required to complete a core research project, worth 20% of their overall grade. The final assessment guidelines will require you to demonstrate your learning from multiple units. The requirements are included in this packet. The project will contain:


    Deadline #1 Topic Proposal                         Due:____________________________________

    Deadline #2 Methodological Tool (experiment layout, completed surveys, materials etc.)

    Due:____________________________________( I want a copy of your survey, experiment worksheet etc. on this day)

    Deadline #3 In-Class Presentation               Due:____________________________________

    Required Materials

    1. 3-ring binder for looseleaf and packets
    2. At least 3 poster boards
    3. Creative materials for Brain & Personality projects (this could be sequins, play-doh, paint, yarn, macaroni etc.)
    4. Pens/Pencils (More than 2). Always a pencil on test days.
    5. A pair of headphones
    6. Student Planner to record assignments and/or projects
    7. Set up a GMAIL & a Google Account at home!

    8.   A flash drive is highly encouraged for you to backup all of your work.

    9.   Optional but highly recommended: A Survey Monkey & YouTube account.

    Class Rules

    1. Respect all individuals in our class.
    2. Come to class on time and prepared.
    3. You are welcome and EXPECTED to participate in discussions in our class but please raise your hand and wait to be called on.
    4. Always check the Homework Calendar for missed homework and Infinite Campus for your updated grades. Email me before 5pm on absent days if you need clarification AFTER you check the two above sites.
    5. The following phrase shall never be uttered in my class: “I was absent, what did I miss?”


    If you CHOOSE to break a rule, you can expect the following consequences:

    1. 1 Verbal Warning
    2. School detention (you may serve within 10 days as per your convenience). You may also negotiate with me after class to serve the detention with me before school. This will not be granted in all cases.
    3. Phone call home
    4. Administrative Referral/ Phone call home

     Severe disruptions will result in an automatic administrative referral. Students sent to the office will not receive credit for missed work I reserve the right to assign an appropriate course of action that differs from the above sequence.

    Grading Policies

    I may utilize self-grading/partner grading at times. In a 9-week class, things go fast so this enables you to always know your progress in class. Check your grade in this class on the Infinite Campus Portal every other day. If you need help with a username/password, call 267-893-2100 for help. Your marking period grade will be calculated based on the percentage of points earned. Assignments will differ in value according to their importance. Your final course grade will be determined by computing your marking period grade (80% of the final grade) with your grade on the final project (20% of the final grade). I utilize the district letter grading scale. See your handbook.

     Classroom Procedures & Policies

    1.      Check agenda for pre-class & homework.

    2.      If you were absent, get PPT notes out of the binder.

    3.      Bathroom: Take a pass, sign in and out, don’t abuse it. I will revoke privilege if you do.

    4.      Be on time to class (through the door when the bell rings) and be aware of the school's policy regarding lateness to class and class cuts.

     5.      Internet, Computer and Class Blog Etiquette: Do not be on any internet sites that I do not approve. Be on task, not on game sites. If you are not on task, you will be removed and required to complete the assignment for homework. As you know, lab and computer time at West is limited and we do not have time to waste. As for blogging, one inappropriate blog and your ability to blog as well as points for that assignment and future assignments are gone. Golden Rule of Cyberspace: If you think you would get in trouble for writing something, you are probably right.

     6.      PACKETS may be collected often and being organized and having all of your notes/work complete will help your learning. Organization is a chief means to success in this and every class and I grade accordingly.

     7.      Long-range assignments (Projects etc.) turned in late will be docked 10% of its total value for each day it's late, regardless of attendance on the due day. No exceptions.

    8.      Policy on Extra Credit and Retesting: Individual extra credit will never be given and no retests will be offered. Be prepared to demonstrate your learning on time.

     9.      Absenteeism/Tardiness/Make-up-work: Quizzes will be made up in advisory the day you return to school. Homework is expected the day you return. Long-range projects are due whether you are here or not. Tests will be made up within two days upon return. Your options are: during our class when you return, your study hall, before or after school. Any assignment, test, or project missed due to an unexcused absence/lateness/class cut is a 0. All class activities can be found on the Psyche Agendas Page.

     10. Cell Phones, etc….Don’t bring it in the room. I too am addicted to my BlackBerry but in school, I focus 100% on you. I expect the same. Don’t text, IM etc., If I SEE you using it, you will be written up. I will not waste class time to reprimand/argue with you. Therefore, if you use your phone in my class, do not be surprised by a detention slip in your homeroom.

     11. I-Pods may be used during independent work. Don’t put your ear pods in until then.