• Into the Mummy’s Tomb

    It is 1925, and British archaeologist Howard Carter is returning to Egypt’s Valley of the Kings to resume his excavation of Tutankhamen’s tomb. A year earlier, Carter and his team had discovered a sarcophagus thought to contain Tutankhamen’s remains. Carter left the site, however, after a dispute with Egyptian officials. A few months after Carter’s return, the long-awaited moment arrives – they will finally open the sarcophagus, revealing contents that have not been disturbed for three thousand years.



    ·        Noting details

    ·        Self-questioning

    ·        Compare and Contrast

    ·        Fact and Opinion


    Tales Mummies Tell

    Great Britain’s Manchester Museum knew nothing about their mummy number 1770. Unable to display the mummy, the museum turned it over to a research team to perform an autopsy. They used X-rays, carbon 14 dating, and knowledge of Egyptian burial traditions to learn about the mummy.



    ·        Cause and Effect

    ·        Summarizing

    ·        Sequencing events