• Writing Units
    Building a Community of Writers
       -Generating ideas
       -Seed writing-taking a small idea and growing it into a story
       -Following the writing process
       -Mentor author studies
       -Writing consistently for a length of time each day
    Personal Narrative
       -Character development
    Informational Research
       -Following the Central Bucks research model
          -Topic selection
          -Creating a research question
          -Researching and note taking
          -Organizing notes
          -Informational leads/hooks
    Informational Non-Research
       -Functional Writing-directions, how-to
       -Responding to prompts
       -Essay Writing
         -Thesis statements
         -Subtopics with supporting details
         -Introduction and concluding paragraphs that preview and review subtopics
         -Five paragraph essay
         -Characteristics of different types of poetry
              -Shape Poem
              -Color Poem
              -Free Verse
         -Writing poetry
         -Reading and Presenting Poems
    See the link below for great tips to keep the kiddos writing over the summer!