• Book It! Core Assessment

    This assessment is entirely done in school, unless special instrations are given.  You will be given school time to read and flag your text, as well as time to compelte the organizer packet and create your power point.  You will need to rehearse at home before presenting.
    This assessment will equate to 40% of your marking period 4 grade and 10% of your final grade!


    Book It!: Important Dates

    Wednesday, March 28th: To library for book talks/selection.  Select book, get post-its, and get parent form signed by Friday, April 6th.

    Friday April 6th–April 18th:  You will be given class time to read your book.  Your book should be read entirely in school, unless special instructions from the teacher are given.  While you read, you should be marking the text with post-its using the bookmark provided as a guide.

    Wednesday, April 18th: Your book must be read by this day.  Begin work on your Organizer Packet.

    Tuesday, April 24th:  Organizer Packet due. Begin work on Power Point in computer lab.

    April 24th- May 1st:  Computer time to work on Power Point and write Speech.

    May 2nd & 3rd:  Prepare speech onto notecards and rehearse!


    May 4th-10thPresentations



    Handouts/Power Points

    Task and Rubric

    Parent Letter due 4/6/18