• Catch-22


    Multimedia Help:

    NYT resources that include original reviews, commentary on the movie, and Heller reading from the book


    NPR story on the 50th anniversary of its publication

    Color Coding Annotations:



    The individual in relation to “the system”


    1. red tape/ the army’s administrative inadequacies
    2. corrupt capitalist impulse/ motivations for power and money
    3. patriotism vs. self-preservation
    4. paranoia/ vague “theys”




    Moral Questions


    1. statements of moral or immoral principals/ right vs. wrong
    2. to whom is one responsible for?
    3. means of escape, literal and psychological
    4. definitions of “crazy”/ sane vs. crazy responses
    5. deaths of all sorts/ lines between life and death
    6. behavior that is either unmotivated and pointless or motivated by the worst possible considerations
    7. existential commentary





    1.        circular logic/ Catch-22 situations

    1. non-sequiturs/ censorship/ double-talk/ punch lines
    2. satiric devices: overstatement, understatement, parody, irony, sarcasm, absurdities
    3. literary allusions
    4. descriptions that exaggerate and distort the shapes of objects and places and the speech, demeanor, and conduct of the characters




    Structuring principals/ key repeated incidents


    1.        Snowden

    1. numbers of required missions
    2. parade systems/ cadet school
    3. hospital visits/ the dead man in Yossarian’s tent/ Nately’s whore
    4. missions to Ferrara/ Avignon/ Bologna
    5. deja-vu/ foils/ parallel situations
    6. label character intro sketches and deaths
    7. note the few occasions where the events are not funny or do not lead to jokes

     Reading Schedule


    Catch-22 Chapters

    Expect/ Annotate:

    Tues 3/17

    Chapters 1-9

    Quiz; Annotate: 1 and 4

    Thurs 3/19

    Chapters 10-15

    Annotate: 10 and 12

    Mon. 3/23

    Chapters 16-19

    Annotate: 16, 17, and 19

    Wed. 3/25

    Chapters 20-23

    Annotate: 21 and 22

    Fri. 3/27

    Chapters 24-33

    Quiz; Annotate: 24

    Mon. 3/30

    Chapters 34-36

    Annotate: 35

    4/7- turn in books

    Chapters 37-end

    Annotate: 39 and 41

    4/7-end of MP- whenever that is?!

    Catch 22 Final Project