• Reading
    Current Read Aloud: Hatchet
    Independent Reading
    Check out the 2017 Reading Olympics Books List - As a 5th and 6th Grader, students can participate in Reading Olympics, and the book list always has great books to choose from!
     Keep Calm... Stop, Notice, & Note!
    Always record your thinking on your post-its while reading! 
    Ask your self - What does it say?  What does it mean?  Why does it matter?
    Read to Self
    Independent Reading Log Bookmark- This is required to be turned in to receive credit for your independent reading book!
    Vocabulary Collector - Be on the lookout for new and interesting words as you read!
    Flipgrid - You are required to submit at least ONE Flipgrid "Book Talk" for an independent reading book this trimester!
    Reading with Technology