Tamanend Baseball Tryouts

    Tryouts Begin the Week of March 16th...Weather Permitting

    • Weather and playing conditions will dictate when/if we can begin tryouts this week.  
    • Players will be evaluated based on fielding, hitting, and pitching skills.  
    • Please come properly equipped and ready to compete during tryouts.  
    • Dress warm!  Long pants, insulated long sleeved shirts are mandatory.  Players are encouraged to stay warm by wearing a jacket and winter hat when not participating in drills.
    • Pay attention to the morning announcements and check our website for updates.

    Prior to tryouts please complete the following tasks BEFORE tryouts begin:

    1. Register for spring athletics. See our Tamanend Athletics webpage; Family ID/Sports Registration for directions on registering for a sport.  https://tamanendathletics.com/main/otherad/contentID/50120618
    2. Concussion Screening Check scrolling announcements for screenings.  Players are exempt if they have completed the training at Tamanend within the last 2 school years.



     Team Rules & Regulations
    • Student Athletes: All players must be in good academic standing in order to compete as well as abide by the Central Bucks Code of Conduct for Athletes.  At Tamanend academics take priority.  Let us know if you need to miss practice for academic enrichment or help after school.  These absences will be counted as excused. 
    • Respect & Responsibility: Student athletes are held to a high standard at Tamanend.  It is expected that all TMS baseball players are respectful both in school and on the playing field.
    • Practice
    • We practice @ 3 days a week after school from 2:45-4:45pm.  Players will be notified by the coach through announcements/website if practices are cancelled or postponed.
    • Attendance is mandatory.  Players are responsible for notifying coaches when they are absent or will miss practice.  Unexcused  or frequent absences may lead to decreased playing time.
    • Come to practice on-time and properly equipped. 
    • Make sure to bring a water bottle daily.  Fill up your water bottle(s) prior to practice and games.
    • Playing Time
    • Tamanend baseball is a competitive program.  Playing time is earned by maintaining good academic and behavioral standing in school as well as attendance, effort, and achievement at practice and games. 
    • PIAA Baseball Pitching Restrictions (See Page 2)
    • Away Games & Transportation
    • It is required to provide written permission, hand written note or e-mail, if your child will be picked up off site by a parent/guardian before the team leaves for away games.  After the game, parents/guardians must check in with Coach Ketler prior to leaving with their child.