• Unit 10 Resource Use and Pollution
    Day 1 Tuesday 6/2/15
    I will identify the pros and cons of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.
    Return Rivers and Groundwater Quiz
    Start Energy and Resource Packet
    HW: Final Project + Research

    Energy Packet

    Day 2 Wednesday 6/3/15
    I will identify mineral resources, what are their uses and where are they found.
    Energy and Resource Packet- Page 1-3
    Rare Earth Minerals
    Final Project Time
    HW: Final Project, Quia.com Rocks and Minerals: What's Their Use
    Day 3 Thursday 6/4/15
    I will identify how much energy is required to light CB South.
    Lightbulb calculation
    HW: Final Project
    HW: Quia.com- Mineral Resources
    Day 4 Friday 6/5/15
    I will identify what types of energy are used around the country.
    Energy Packet- Page 4-5
    Final Presentations:
    Finish Gasland
    HW: Quia.com assignments
    Day 5 Monday 6/8/15
    Energy Packet- Page 6
    Final Presentations:
    2. Andrea L.
    Day 6 Tuesday 6/9/15
    Energy Packet Pages 7-9
    Final Presentations:
    4. Jake K.
    5. Rafael
    5a- James T
    Day 7 Wednesday 6/10/15
    Energy and Resource Pkt.
    Final Presentations:
    6. Brendan C.
    7. Chris P.
    Resource/NP Quiz: http://www.quia.com/quiz/5367634.html
    HW: Final Presentations/


    Day 8 Thursday 6/11/15
    Collect Energy and Resource Pkt + Rocks and Minerals:What's Their Use?
    Final Presentations:
    8. Ryan S.
    9. Brandon S
    Quiz- Resource Unit
    HW: None if above is done

    Day 9 Friday 6/12/15
    Final Presentations