• Volcanoes and Igneous Rocks
    Day 1 Wednesday 4/8/15
    I will identify the different types of igneous rock textures.
    Finish Earthquake Simulation
    Return Earthquake Pack

    Start: Notes: Igneous Rocks
    Igneous Rocks Interactive
    How do igneous rocks form- interactive
    HW: How Are Different Rocks Related

    Igneous Rocks Volcanoes Notes

    How Do Igneous Rocks Form?

    Day 2 Thursday 4/9/15
    I will identify the primary differences betweeen coarse and fine grained igneous rocks.
    Review HW
    Return Earthquake Test
    Finish Igneous Rocks Notes
    Review: How do Igneous Rocks Form
    Lab: Igneous Rocks
    HW: Vocab matching (quia.com) study for quiz
    Igneous Rocks-Vocabulary Matching Quiz
    Day 3 Friday 4/10/15
    I will identify various igneous rocks based on crystal size and formation.
    Review HW
    "Igneous Rock Lab"
    Igneous Quiz
    HW: Vocab matching (quia.com- see link from yesterday)
    Day 4 Monday 4/13/15
    I will identify how various plate tectonic processes create volcanoes.
    Review HW
    Notes- Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
    Start video: In the Path of a Killer Volcano
    HW: Vocab matching (quia.com)
    Day 5 Tuesday 4/14/15
    I will differentiate the types of volcanic eruptions.
    Review HW
    Finish Volcano Video
    Notes: Volcanic Eruptions
    Reading: "When Yellowstone Explodes"
    HW: Volcano Structure/Crossword
    Day 6 Wednesday 4/15/15
    I will read and describe the characteristics of the Yellowstone hotspot.
    Review HW
    Notes- Volcanic Eruptions (cont'd)
    Reading: When Yellowstone Erupts
    Start DP
    HW: Volcano Structure/Crossword
    Day 7 Thursday 4/16/15
    I will identify the different types of volcaneos and what causes them to be different.
    Review HW
    Finish Volcano Notes- Krakatau- Extraterrestrial
    Finish: When Yellowstone Erupts
    Continue DP
    HW: Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics/Volcanic Eruptions

    Google Earth Volcaono Tour

    Day 8 Friday 4/17/15
    I will use Google Earth to find famous volcanoes in different locations.
    Review HW
    Google Earth Volcano Tour
    Continue DP
    HW: Finish Ring of Fire
    Day 9 Monday 4/20/15
    I will compare and contrast Hollywood's version of volcanic eruptions from the real ones.
    Review all Vocabulary
    Finish D.Peak
    Is Dante's Peak Accurate?
    Death of French Volcanologists
    Risks of Volcanologists
    HW: Study for test, deformation of crust/volcanoes pack
    Igneous Rocks/Volcanoes pack
    1. Igeous Rock Interactive
    2. In the Path of Killer Volcano
    3. D. Peak
    4. Google Earth Volcano Tour
    Day 10 Tuesday 4/21/15
    Collect Pack
    Igneous Rock/Volcanoes Test
    Chapter Preview
    HW: Final Project, Print out all Metamorphic Rocks
    and Moutain Building Documents,