• Plate Tectonics
    Day 1 Friday 3/13/15
    I will identify the features of continents that help Wegener determine that they have changed locations. 
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    Chapter preview
    Notes- Continental Drift
    Piecing the Continents Together Activity

    Plate Tectonics Notes
    Piecing the Continents Together

    Day 2 Monday 3/16/15
    I will identify fossil, mountain and glacier evidence of past locations of the continents.
    Review HW
    Return Map Test
    Complete: Piecing the Continents Together
    Notes- Theory of PT
    HW: Vocab Review
    Day 3 Tuesday 3/17/15
    I will identify the major tectonic plates and what is occuring at their boundaries.
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    Notes: Plate Tectonics
    Activity: Puzzle this Out
    HW: Vocab Review
    Day 4 Wednesday 3/18/15
    I will identify locations on Earth that experience the effects of plate tectonics. 
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    Return Map Test
    Video: Ring of Fire
    HW: Concept Map #1
    Day 5 Thursday 3/19/15
    I will evaluate all of the evidence that formulate the theory of plate tectonics. 
    Notes- Finish
    Complete Puzzle this Out
    Concept Maps #2
    HW: Study for test + Plate Tectonics Pack
    Intro to ES/PT Pack
    1. Concept Maps
    2.Piecing Cont. Together
    3. Puzzle this Out
    4. Ring of Fire Video
    Day 6 Friday 3/20/15
    Review Concepts Maps
    Collect ES/PT Pack
    Intro to ES/PT Test
    Earthquake Preview
    Introduce Final Project
    National Parks Final Project.pdf
    National Parks Final Project.pdf
    National Park Images
    HW: Print Earthquake documents, take survey