• Unit 2: Minerals

    Day 1 Friday 2/6/15
    I will define the properties of a mineral 
    Return Pack #1
    Mineral Notes
    (Definition of a mineral-Crystal Structure)
    Crystal Lab
    HW: Mineral Vocab Review


    Day 2 Monday 2/9/15
    I will identify the major crystal structures.
    Review HW
    Return Unit 1 Quizzes
    Notes- Crystal Structure
    Lab: Crystal Construction Lab
    HW: Vocab. http://www.quia.com/quiz/4593437.html
    Day 3 Tuesday 2/10/15
    I will identify the main variables that dictate crystal size.
    Review Homework
    Mineral Quiz (video)
    Mineral Interactive 
    Day 4 Wednesday 2/11/15
    I will contruct crystal models of graphite an diamonds.
    Review HW
    Finish Consturction of Crystals Lab
    Finish Notes
    HW: "What is a mineral?"
    Into the Lost Crystal Caves
    1. Where is the Naica Cave of Crystals located? At what depth is it found?
    2. Describe the crystals found in this location. How large are they, how long are they, and what are they made of?
    3. How and why did these giant crystals form in this area?
    4. List some of the dangers in these cave complexes.
    5. Would your group choose to visit these deep caves? Why or why not?
    Day 5 Thursday 2/12/15
    I will calculate density of various minerals to determine their identity.
    Review HW
    Finish Notes
    Finish Mineral Interactive
    Start Specific Gravity Lab
    HW: Minerals of the Earth's Crust
    Day 6 Wednesday 2/18/15
    I will identify mineral densities and compare them to 7 other minerals
    Review HW
    Finish Crystal Lab
    Specific Gravity Lab/Mystery Cubes
    HW: Mineral Properties (crossword)
    Day 7 Thursday 2/19/15
    I will idenitify the various properties of minerals.
    Review HW
    Density Problems
    Return Mineral Quizzes
    Lab: Mineral ID
    HW: "Mineral Term Game"

    Density Problems

    Mineral Lab ID Worksheet

    Day 8 Friday 2/20/15
    Review HW
    Continue Mineral ID Lab-
    after data table complete, use
    HW: Finish any incomplete work
    Day 9 Monday 2/23/15
    Continue Mineral ID Lab
    HW: Catch up all on work
    Day 10 Tuesday 2/24/15
    Review HW
    Finish Mineral Lab
    Quiz each other
    Organize Pack #2
    HW: Study for test, work on 'cheat sheet'

    Pack #2 (Minerals)
    1. Mineral Interactive
    2. Crystal Lab
    3. Crystal Construction Lab
    4. Specific Gravity Lab
    5. Crystal Video Questions
    6. Density Calculations
    7. Mineral Lab Worksheet
    8. Mineral Term Game/Mineral Properties (Crossword)
    Day 11 Wednesday 2/25/15
    I will apply concepts of minerals on the assessment.
    Collect Pack #2
    Mineral Test
    HW: Print out Map documents