• Unit 1: Scientific Method and Earth Chemistry
    Students will understand...
    • The bonds formed between atoms and chemical compositions to create minerals.
    • The differences between and the uses for ores.
    • The differences between and the wide variety of uses for mineral resources.
      Students will know...
    • how the bonds form between atoms and chemical compositions to create minerals. .
    • how minerals are used in a wide variety ways.
      3.5.10 A (bullet 7)
      • Describe and identify major types of rocks and minerals.
    3.5.10 B (bullet 1, 4)
      • Compare the locations of strategic minerals and earth resources in the world with their geologic history using maps and global information systems.
    Day 1 Thursday 1/29/15
    I will identify the goals and objectives of Environmental Geology
    Assign Seats
    Syllabus- Environmental Geology.pdf
    Student Data Profile
    Distribute Textbooks
    Register Laptops
    Tower Challenge
    Homework: Cover Textbooks, 3 Ring Binder
    Print out important documents--


    Day 2 Friday 1/30/15
    I will identify the many reasons that we need geologists.
    Check binders
    Students notes- Intro to Earth Science- Sci. Method
    Role of a Geologist
    Wildfire Sci.Method Lab
    Wildfire Interactive Link
    Homework: Vocab Review on Quia.com
    Day 3 Monday 2/2/15
    I will determine the atomic makeup of different elements.
    Review HW
    Finish Wildfire Interactive
    Notes- Earth chem- matter
    Periodic Table Worksheet
    HW: Vocab Review on Quia.com
    Day 4 Tuesday 2/3/15
    I will identify the number of protons and neutrons in different atoms.
    Review HW
    Finish periodic table
    "Quiz: Scientific Method and Wildfires"
    Quiz Link
    Atom Interactive Activity
    Atom Interactive
    HW: Vocab Review on Quia.com
    Day 5 Wednesday 2/4/15
    I will review concepts of elements, atoms and the scientific method. 
    Review all vocab
    Test day 6 + Pack #1
    Finish Notes
    Review Atom Interactive
    Review of Chapter 8: Element WS
    HW: Work on 'cheat' sheet' (study for test), Pack #1
    Pack #1 (Scientfic Method/Earth Chemistry):
    1. Role of a Geologist
    2. Wildfire Interactive
    3. Periodic Table
    4. Atom Interactive
    5. Earth Chem Review
    Earth Chem Review
    Day 6 Thursday 2/5/15
    I will apply concepts of Unit 1 on quiz.
    Scientific Method/Earth Chemistry Quiz
    Start Mineral Notes
    HW: Print out mineral notes