• Mrs. Alice Fabian
    Mrs. Fabian lives in Warrington, Pa and has for the last 6 years.  Her husband’s name is Lou.  She has two grown children named Cassadra and Clicker.  She also has a dog named Lucy, and a cat named Nickel.  She has two granddaughters, Amanda, age 8, and Samantha, age 5.   Mrs. Fabian enjoys walking every day in the community where she lives, or at a park, or going to the mountains with her dog.  She takes time every day to read for at least 30 minutes and loves playing with her granddaughters.
    The job she has is a mail carrier; she’s our mail carrier!  She gets to the post office early in the morning and sorts the mail for the addresses she delivers to, including our school, Warwick Elementary.  Mrs. Fabian is the one that takes all of the letters to the post office that we send over the summer telling you who your teacher is going to be for the coming year.  She loads the mail and packages into her postal truck and delivers the mail throughout the community.
    Her message to all of you is this: Always continue to learn.  You can never learn too much, and never be too old to learn even more.  Always ask questions, have confidence in yourself, be patient, kind and loving to everyone.
    Warwick, please join me in thanking Mrs. Fabian for working cooperatively and responsibly to ensure that we’re able to send mail out, and receive mail coming in.  There’s an unofficial motto associated with the US Postal service that goes like this:  “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”  Mrs. Fabian shows up to Warwick no matter the weather, is certainly working hard to uphold our four themes.  She has certainly earned our Honorary Warwick Bear Award.
    Mr. John Gamble
    In January, Warwick Elementary School honored Mr. John Gamble as the next Warwick Bear. Mr. Gamble is a member of our School Board here in the Central Bucks School District. He lives in Jamison with his wife and son. His son, Jeremy, attends second grade here at Warwick Elementary.
    Mr. Gamble’s interests include archeology, creative writing, and travel-ing with his family. He is also an avid Philadelphia sports fan.
    Please join me in thanking Mr. Gamble for working cooperatively, and responsibly, with the other members of the Central Bucks School Board of Directors to ensure that our school, and our district, has the neces-sary tools to excel in all that we do. Mr. Gamble is working hard to uphold our four themes, and has certainly earned our Honorary Warwick Bear Award. Thank you, Mr. Gamble, for working hard, not just for our Elementary School community, but for our entire school district!
    Warwick Elementary honored its second set of Warwick Bears in November. This time, we honored several veterans of war. Two of the veterans were Warwick Elementary School Alumni. The third was a staff member’s uncle who brought to us the writing competition which culminated with two of our students earning savings bonds in the amount of $50 and $100.
    Mr. Sean Nagle
    Our first honoree was Sean Nagle. Sean was promoted from sixth grade at Warwick in 1997 and continued his career in CB by attending Holicong and CB East. What he remembers from Warwick is working hard and spending long hours at school and on school work. He joined the Army in 2005, during which time he served two tours – that’s more than two years – in Iraq. The biggest thing that he learned during his time in the military was the value of selfless service, which means being willing to sacrifice yourself for a lar-ger goal or mission. His message to you: Excellence – always, always do your best.
    Mr. Sean Kase
    Our second honoree was Sean Kase. Sean attended Warwick for sixth grade in 2001-2002. He remembers the great teachers that he had while he was here. They taught him skills that he still uses today. He joined the Air Force in 2008, and he has been stationed in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Kuwait. He continues to serve while he is attending college. He believes: The greatest lesson that a person can take away from the service is one of absolute responsibility. You are always accountable for your own actions. What he wants to share with you is: There is no such thing as not being able to do something. If you want it enough and you have the grit to sweat it out, you can achieve whatever you want. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, in fact, go out of your way to prove them wrong!
    Mr. Bruce Boice
    Our final honoree was Bruce Boice. Bruce is retired after working for SEPTA for 20 years. He now helps Veterans of War and is a service officer with the MORPH and the DAVE, and he is the Senior Vice Commander for Pennsylvania Military of the Purple Heart. His message to you is to pay atten-tion in school and learn as much as you can. Don’t keep problems to yourself. Keep your family informed of what is going on in your life. Love your country and thank a serviceman or woman when you can.
    Mr. Ed Pfeiffer
    Mr. Pfeiffer is the Fire Marshall for Warwick Township. He conducts safety inspection of every building within Warwick Townships every year. He checks out the sprinkler systems and smoke detectors in every new home and most homes that are being sold. He investigates fires to figure out how and why they happened. He’s involved in all fire prevention programs. His goal is to prevent a fire by indentifying possible causes and maintain the smoke detectors that are so important to provide an early warning to people inside the buildings.
    He has lived in the Warminster area for 44 years. He lives with his wife Joyce and has two grown boys.
    As a hobby, Mr. Pfeiffer restores old cars – most recently a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. He’s interested in anything to do with Railroads and he tests and install smoke detectors in anyone’s home.
    His message to our students is to get a good education, try different things, and keep your options open. Do whatever you do to the best of your abilities and always make new friends.
    Thank you, Mr. Pfeiffer, for upholding our four themes and earning our first ever Honorary Warwick Bear Award.