• Welcome to the CB South Stock Market Club
    Meetings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month in Room C205
    There are two ways you can register for our contest.

    1. Click on the following link: 
    -Follow the directions to register and join the contest
    -When you register uncheck all boxes for resources or you will received unwanted e-mails

    2. Register and Join:
    -Create and account/Register at howthemarketworks.com (uncheck all boxes for resources or you will received unwanted e-mails)
    -Once you log-in, go to Join Contests, and look up our contest: CB South Stock Market Club via the search bar. 

    The password is Titans

    Other rules/guidelines:
    1.No stocks less than $3.00 in value can be purchased
    2. You must hold at least 80% of your portfolio in stocks at all times
    3. Once enough players have joined, two teams will be created to compete against eachother.  A spreadsheet will be be accessible from this site to see how the teams compare from week to week
    4. On www.HowTheMarketWorks.com, the contest leader board can then be seen on the Contest Status page.