• Grammar rules to know grammar boot camp
    • Grammar practice (from class) class practice handout
    • More practice, formatted like the exam review
    • More practice, formatted like the exam KEY KEY
    • More grammar practice and answers (skip 15) grammar
    • extra practice with quote integration/citations with answers quotes
    • Topics/skills you may find on the exam skills tested
    • Links to Jeopardy games to review lit devices jeopardy review
      You should also review your lit element packet that includes lit devices, nonfiction terms, and poetic devices.
      Another poem (Psalm of Life) practice: practice
      Another poem practice (Psalm of Life) answers: answer key
    • Drama practice (Trifles) drama
    • Drama practice (Trifles) KEY drama key
    • Poem practice (The Eagle and Patriotism) and answers poetry
    • Prose practice (Hurston novel excerpts)and answers prose
    • Nonfiction practice (Renaissance Man) and answers nonfiction
    • Writing/revision practice (NASA) writing
    • Writing/revision KEY (NASA) writing KEY