DUE TO COVID-19,
    RRCC will NOT run during the 20-21 school year.
    Restaurant Remix Club is a club that was student-started back in 2010 (thank you Mike Y.).  It's a LOT of fun and really YUMMY to recreate your favorite restaurant meals and treats.  Space is limited to 24 students, and those students are chosen by a lottery.  If chosen, the cost is only $20 (cash) for the year, payable before the first cooking meeting.  We usually meet once a month and we choose the dates and recipes together.  We even collaborate with Titans Connect around the holidays for a cookie swap.  :)  Cooking experience is not necessary, but it helps. Recipes are posted under the recipe tab.
    We meet in B205 from 2:40 - 4 pm. Be sure to be picked up on time.
    Cooking Meeting Dates for Members: