• Marketing – Final Project

    Sales Presentation


    What do I/we have to talk about in my/our sales presentation?


    This should be a professional presentation.  Proper dress is required.  Your main objective is to SELL your product to us.  Tell us all the important aspects about your product.  Be sure to include the following:



    • Approach – service, greeting or merchandise
    • Features/benefits
    • Target market
    • Competition
    • Six steps of developing the product (how did you come up with this idea?)
    • Work the life cycle into the script – where is your product in the life cycle?  What does the company plan on doing if and when it hits the decline stage?
    • Where will you be selling this product?
    • What pricing technique did you chose and why?
    • How are you distributing it to the stores?  Why did you choose this type of distribution?
    • Promotion – what types of promotion will you be using and why did you choose those types?  Share your storyboard and magazine ad.
    • Closing – use one of the closing techniques discussed in class to close your sale


    Defense – a portion of your grade will be based on how well you defend your product.  Your customers (classmates) will ask several questions pertaining to your product.  You need to answer them professionally and to the best of your ability.  If you don’t know the answer, think quick – professional sales people always have an answer. Remember even if the questions are obvious/ridiculous/repetitive, you must remain professional when answering.  Your grade depends on it!