• Recommend Daily Practice for Students


    Students should practice a minimum of 105 per week (about 15 minutes a day). 


    1. Begin with a warm up:

    Beginner band students should warm up by playing long tones. Playing exercises 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 in the lesson book is a great way to warm up your lips and get ready for practice.

    Intermediate band students should warm up with the concert B flat scale.

    Intermediate string students should warm up with a D or G major scale.

    While warming up you should make sure to check your posture and hand position.  You should strive to maintain a steady tone.  String students should check their bow grip.


    2. While practicing the lesson material:

    Find a quiet place free of distractions.

    Before playing each exercise you should always check for sharps, flats and naturals.

    Play through each section of music while striving to maintain a steady beat and accurate notes.

    Next you should identify trouble spots and determine if the problem is melodic or rhythmic. 

    Work each exercise until you can play it three times in a row without a mistake.  Remember: Once is luck, twice is a coincidence, and three times is talent!


    3. Strategies for improvement:

    Practice the music in small sections.

    Read and finger the notes before you play.  String students can pluck the strings before using the bow.

    Write in the note names if needed.

    Write in the rhythmic counts.

    Perform the music in repetitions.

    Slow down the tempo of the music.

    Add dynamics and articulations.


    4. Ways to make practice more enjoyable:

    Practice with a friend.

    Practice with a CD or other recordings.