• NEW: Kitchen Sumi-e Painting

    by Mrs. Thomas Length: 6.17
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  • I'm Jackson Pollock-aka...Alex

    by Mrs. Stef Thomas Length:
    When processes are completed...free expression can often be a lot of FUN!
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  • Chihuly Movie: Grade 2

    by Mrs. Stef Thomas and Miss Liz Dugan-student teacher Length:
    Dale Chihuly is an American sculptor and painter whose work has been displayed all over the world. 
    His paintings embody a great deal of texture, movement and organic shapes and inspired our second graders to create their own Abstract Paintings.  As a painter, he uses techniques and tools that make his artwork unique in both size and quality. As a sculptor,his medium of glass lends itself to beautiful organic shapes which inspired the second graders to create a cooperative chandelier composed completely of Recycled/Repurposed water bottles and acrylic paint. 


    State Standards:
    9.1.3 C- Recognize and use fundamental vocabulary within each of the art forms
    9.1.3 D- Use knowledge of varied styles within each art form through a performance or exhibition of unique work

    9.2.3 L- Identify, explain and analyze common themes, forms and techniques from works in the arts

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