Pennsylvania School Performance Profile

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education has released a new resource for parents and the public that provides information about our schools—the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile. The data from the Pennsylvania State Assessments has been combined on a new website to provide information about:

    ·         Indicators of Academic Achievement

    ·         Indicators of Academic  Growth

    ·         Other Academic Indicators


    For elementary schools, results of PSSA tests are used to summarize each school’s academic achievement and growth. At the middle level, PSSA and Algebra 1 Keystone Exam scores factor into the School Performance Profile. In our high schools, Keystone Exams along with factors such as SATs, AP testing, and graduation rate make up the School Performance Profile.


    For each public school in Pennsylvania, these factors will be combined to add up to one number that describes a school’s performance—a Building Level Academic Score. These Building Level Academic Scores are reported as a total out of 100 points.  In addition, the School Performance Profile includes other demographic information about each school.


    The Department of Education website includes tools for parents and the public to use in both reviewing assessments and comparing schools across Pennsylvania.


    While there are many factors that contribute to the success of a school community, the School Performance Profile scores reflect the strong achievement of students in Central Bucks.
    School Performance Profile