• PLEASE NOTE:  Students taking this course during the 2nd or 3rd marking period are required to have a current record of a flu shot OR wear a mask during each visit to protect the residents.
    If you miss a trip to Neshaminy Manor, you have to make it up before the next visit.  There are two options to make it up.
    Option 1 for making up a missed visit to Neshaminy Manor - Go to the Manor and spend an hour there doing a planned activity.  You MUST coordinate this with Mrs. Howard, you can't just show up.  If you choose this option, click on the red link below this paragraph to print out the paper to take with you.  Fill it out and have it signed by the person running the activity.
    Option 2 for making up a missed visit to Neshaminy Manor - Find an article that is at least 2 pages long when copied into a Word doc (take out all extra spaces and pics that aren't pertinent, make pertinent pics smaller as they don't count in the total) that is related to the health of senior citizens.  Read, highlight and take notes on the article in Word, then print it out to give to Mrs. Howard.  Finally, click on the blue link below to complete the response form online.
    After a visit to Neshaminy Manor, you are required to fill out the reflection form by the start of class the next day.  Click on the appropriate visit reflection below.

    Senior Citizen Balloon Volleyball Visit Reflection