• Welcome to the Future Business Leaders of America 2016-2017

    Advisors – Mrs. Toub/Mr. Meo



    Read and learn all about FBLA by visiting the following website listed below. Please be sure to click on “competitive events” to review the various events. http://www.pafbla.org/welcome.php

    Meetings: Every other Wednesday at 2:30 in room A110. Your presence is extremely important so please plan to attend.  YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND A MINIMUM OF THREE MEETINGS FOR COMPETITIVE EVENT ELIGIBILTY.  If you cannot make a meeting, please see Mrs. Toub/Mr. Meo in room A110 prior to Wednesday’s meeting.

    Dues: The membership dues for FBLA is $25. Please be sure to bring your dues to our September 28th meeting. Checks may be made payable to CB West Activity Fund. If you want to drop your dues off with Mrs. Toub or Mr. Meo prior to September 28, 2016 you may do so. Please be sure to include the membership form below with your dues.

    Fundraisers: The FBLA State goal for 2016 is to raise money for National Kidney Foundation – Reach Out, Give a PAT on the Back (please refer to: http://www.kidney.org). We will have at least one large fundraiser during the fall – your participation is mandatory. If you do not participate you cannot attend the Regional competition. 

    Regional competition:   The date of the competition will be in December; the exact date has not been determined as of yet.   Deadline for signups for the competition will be Wednesday, October 12th, 2016. Competitive events will be on a first come first serve basis. Number of competitors per event is limited. You cannot sign up for an event if you have not paid your dues.

    Contact: If at any time you have any questions/concerns, you can always email us at rtoub@cbsd.org/mmeo@cbsd.org


    PLEASE PRINT NEATLY!!        Dues:    $25 – payable to CB West Activity Fund                  Due by: September 28, 2016

    Student Name: ____________________________________________________   Grade: ____________

    Student email: __________________________________________________   Homeroom: ___________