check TO-DO
    • Here is what needs to be done:

      1.  Confirm the receipt of the summer assignment by emailing me.
      2.  Complete the summer assignment.  Work problems in an organized fashion, on a separate sheet of paper.
      3.  Bring summer assignment materials with you on the first day of class.

    check REMEMBER:

    • I would recommend working in groups.  It helps significantly, and scheduled times increase accountability.
    • This assignment is similar to summer reading in English.  It is a significant activity that will likely take several hours to complete.  It is not a good idea to wait until shortly before the first day.  Avoid frustration- start early.
    • The activity is not designed to provide immediate feedback about things that were memorized in the past.  Instead, it should be treated as practice, exercises that will help to refine old skills that are likely rusty.  In certain cases, you may need to learn some simple concepts for the first time, on your own.
    • This assignment will likely be a challenge for everyone, even if you are good at chemistry.  Please do not give up or request to be removed from the course.
    • You will need to rely on outside resources.  A used, older edition of the AP text is best.  Other chemistry-related resources, including videos, can be found online or at the public library.  Additional items, including answers, may be posted on the “Summer Assignment” page.
    • Simple, short quizzes will be administered early in the marking period to assess your understanding.  These quizzes will start as early as the first day of class.