•   *Please give each WNB (Writer's Notebook) entry a title and date it.*
    +1 Free Write on Any Topic of your Choice is Due Each Week
    Monday 11.10-Friday 11.14

    Monday 11.3-Friday 11.7:  Remember, with the new marking period, you are to write 3/4s of a notebook page from Wednesday's on (this includes your free write)
    Monday 11.3.14
    Wednesday 11.5.14
    *Remember, you are to write at least 1/2 of a page about the prompt during the first marking period.*
    Monday 10.27-Friday 10.31
    Monday 10.20-Friday 10.24
    Monday 10.20.14
    Monday 10.13-Friday 10.17
    Monday 10/13/14
    Wednesday 10/15/14
    If the power point doesn't open, here is the prompt
    Make a list of people who you would wait in a long line for the privilege of shaking their hand, getting an autograph, and/or getting a picture taken?  What do the people on this list have in common?  What do you think this list says about who you are?
    Friday 10/17/14