Sept. 6 - 9th
     Me posters have been assigned.  Due dates (early bird) - Sept. 15   Actual due date - Sept. 18.  Remember, the Me poster is not a one night assignment.  Start working now!
         Bring your SSR book and your summer reading book  (free choice) to class next Mon.
    All students should carry an SSR book with them throughout the day.  The entire building will have SSR every Monday throughout the year.  We will also have SSR n our classrooms. Students visited the Tamanend library today to choose a book.  Everyone should have one!
    Sept. 11 - 15
    Me Posters - do a little each night! Early bird - Sept. 15. Due date - Sept. 18.
    Due to Mrs. Szagola's absence on Monday, Me Posters are due on Tues. Sept 19.
    Sept. 18 - 20
    Students should be finishing Tic Tac Think activity if it was not finished in class.
    No additional written homework.
    Sept 25 - 29
    Mon. - Complete prefix list 1. (2 examples)  Period 5- 3 examples.
    Tues. - Thurs. Study for prefix quiz on Fri.  Don't forget to do your independent reading and meet your goal!  (Read 5x for 20 minutes each time - logs checked on Mon.)
    Wed. - Thurs. - same as above
    Fri. - Reading log should be filled in before you come to class on Mon.  Remember, you should be reading to meet your weekly goal.  Logs checked on Mon.
    Oct. 2 - 6
    Mon. - Complete examples for  prefix list 2. (2 examples)  Period  5 - 3 examples. Quiz Fri. 
    Tues. - Thurs - Review prefix 2 list a little each night.  Spelling counts! Also, a reminder that you should be reading 5x every week, for a minimum of 20 minutes.
    The week runs from Monday through Sunday.  
    Fri. - Log filled in and checked on Mon. 
    Oct. 9 - 13  (work for the week)
    Red Fern - Round 1 due Tues., Oct. 17.  Read to p. 83, complete study guide post its and vocab.  Students have been given a calendar to help plan their week.
    COW - anticipation guide due Thurs.  Novel and assignments will be given on that day.
    COW - Rd. ch 1 and 2 only.  Complete study guide, post its and vocab. for ch. 1 and 2.
    Oct.16 - 20
    Mon.  Red Fern -  All Round 1 work is due tomorrow. Reading to 83, study guide, post its and voc.
              COW - Chapters 1 and 2 work due tomorrow.  Reading, vocab. and post its.  Quotation sheet due Wed.
    Tues - Fri
    Red Fern -  round 2 DUE WED. OCT.25 (chapters 9 thru 14 -  stop on p. 168 )  Complete study guide, post its and vocab.
    COW - ch. 3 and 4 DUE TUES. OCT. 24 (post its, study guide and vocab.)
    ****COW or RF reading should be recorded on your log.
    Oct. 23 - Oct. 27
    Red Fern -  Due to the assembly on Wed.,  Red Fern work is due on Thurs.  Use your extra time wisely!
    COW - ch. 3 and 4 due Tues.  Chapter 5 work will be due Mon.
    Tues. - Red Fern continue with work listed above.     
                COW -  Quotes - rd. 2 -  girls do ch. 3 quotes; boys do the last quote in ch. 3 and ch. 4 quotes.  Due tomorrow.
    Thurs - Mon. Nov. 6
    Red Fern - round 3 work.  FInish the book, complete study guide, post its and vocab.
    COW - Ch 5 due Mon.  Ch. 6 and 7 due Nov. 6
    Oct. 30 - Nov. 3
    Mon - Fri.
    All RF and COW work is due Nov. 6.  Finish the book, do vocab., study guide and post its.
    Mon. - COW -  For Tues. -  complete your part of the quotation worksheet.  Be prepared to explain your response.  Answer the following question: What is the function of Hal, Charles and Mercedes?  Why did London include these characters?  What message is London giving the reader?  Be prepared to discuss.
     - complete charts in study guide for Thurs.  Also analyze your quotation from ch. 6 - 7 .
    Wed. RF - complete 16 through end of book. (chapter titles) COLOR!    COW - same as above.
                All classes - Yellow Logs handed in by Thurs.  Parent signature required!
    Thrs. - Fri - all students should be reading a new SSR book.  All late assignments need to be given to Mrs.S. before you leave tomorrow.  Mske it a point to see me!
    Nov.  13 - Nov. 17
    Mon.  RF - vocab rd 1. flashcards  ( word and picture or sentence on front/definition on back )         COW - vocab. flashcards due Thurs.            All classses - vocab. quiz Fri.
    Tues. RF - vocab. rd. 2 flashcards                                                                                                          COW - same as above
    Wed. RF - vocab. 3 flashcards                                                                                                                COW - same as above
    Thurs. - study for vocab. quiz - all classes!     COW  - review sheet for voc.
    Fri. - Novel test on Tuesday.  Review quizzes, study guides, etc. Make sure you know the plot.  Review important concepts - Setting, character traits, conflict and theme.
    Nov. 20 - Nov. 27
    Mon. - Novel test tomorrow.  Review (see Friday).
    Tues. - Continue reading at home this week.  Keep track of your reading on your log.
                                 Happy Thanksgiving!
    Nov. 27 - Dec. 1
    Mon. - Prefix list 4 -  2 examples. Quiz Fri.
    Thurs. - Prefix quiz postponed till Wed.
    Fri. - Reading Logs checked Mon.  Meet your weekly goal!  Prefix quiz Wed.
    Dec. 4 - Dec. 8
    Mon. - Prefix quiz Wed.  Study!   Per. 5 - Begin reading your "Pass It On" book.  (This is the book that should be on your reading log.)
    Tues. Per. 3,4,6,7 - If you did not finish in class, visit Values.com and complete your top 3 choices for the Pass It On Project.       Per. 5 - Continue reading.
    Wed - Make sure pet journal is completed and saved.  Per. 5, you will receive assignment tomorrow.  
    Dec. 11 - 15
    Mon. - Research form signed.
    Tues. - Fri. - Catch up if you are behind in research.  Reading logs due Mon.
    Dec. 18  - Dec. 22
    Mon. - As announced last week, prefix 5 quiz tomorrow.
    Wed. - Research - Main topics card shoud be completed so you are ready to work on outline tomorrow.  If you are still doing notecards, you are behind on your work!
    Fri.  - Research should already be completed through step 6.  It is not necessary to work on outline. Parent signature required.  Indepndent reading this week is optional.  Extra credit if you choose to read!
              Happy Holidays!
    Jan. 2 - Jan. 5
    Tues. - Complete rough draft of outline (background)
    Wed. - Complete rough draft of outline (accomplishmnets)
    Thurs - Complete rough draft of outline (impact)
    Jan. 8 - Jan 12
    Mon. - Outline should be completed  for tomorrow. 
    Tues. - Roots 1 quiz Fri.  Work on outline if necessary.
    Wed. & Thurs.  same as above
    Fri. - Reading log due Mon.
    Jan. 16 - 19
    Tues. - Thurs. - Fianal copy of outline due Fri.
    Fri. - log checked Mon.
    1/22 - 1/26
    Mon. - Bring in independent reading book for activity.  Roots 2 examples due.  Yellow log signed by Thurs.
    Tues.- You should be fixing your outline after meeting with Mrs. Szagola. (if instructed to make changes)
    Wed. - Finish Independent Book packet if you did not finish in class today.   THIS IS A 2ND MARKING PERIOD GRADE!!!    YELLOW LOGS WITH PARENT SIGNATURE DUE TOMORROW!
    Fri.  Logs due Mon.
    Giver round 1 work due Fri.  (Read through ch. 7, complete study guide, vocabulry, and post its.)
    All yellow logs and independent reading packets are now overdue unless an extension was given due to an absence.
    Mon. - Thurs. - Giver round 1 work due Fri. (see above)      Roots quiz (list 2) on Thurs.  
    ***Giver round 1  due date has been moved to Monday, Feb. 5th.  Roots quiz can either be taken tomorrow or Fri.  Your choice!
    2/5 - 2/13
    Mon. - Giver quiz tomorrow. You should review!  Round 2 will be officially assigned tomorrow.
    Tues. - Tues. (2/13)  Giver round 2 due on 2/14.   Read ch. 8 through 16.  Complete study guide, post its and vocab.
                 Giver quiz Wed. (round 2)
    2/14 - 2/23
    Giver round 3 due on 2/23.  Finish the book, post its, voc. and study guide.  Reading goals for the next week - Finish reading The Giver.  Reread if time allows.
    Per. 5 study guide due Feb. 26
    2/26 - 3/2
    Mon. - Theme worksheet due Wed. Write the theme statement (lesson) and then an example from the book to support it.
    Wed.  - Review  your theme paper for accuracy.  Theme statement - lesson  .  Example should be specific and clearly support the theme statement.
    Optional Giver Enrichment Activity - interested in making up some points?  Complete the following activity.  Make sure your work is neat and accurate.
    Use your book to find text that really stood out to you.  Choose 10 sentences from the book that really made you think. Create 10 "Quote cards".   Use 5 x 7 cards or unlined paper that you back with construction paper. On one side of the card include the quote from the book and an explanation as to why it is significant. Make the quote big and bold. On the unlined side of the card, draw an illustration that matches the quote.  Connect the cards together and include a "cover card "that states your name, period and The Giver.
     This activity is worth 10 "quiz points".  (You may use the computer for writing but must hand draw the illustrations.)
    Thurs. - rd. 1 Giver SWACC worksheet due tomorrow.
    Fri.  - log due Mon.    Rd. 2 SWACC sheet due Tues
    Tues. - Giver test Fri.  Review your quizzes, clear up any factual mistakes.   Optional Giver Activity - due Fri.  See above for directions.
    Thurs. - Finish any vocab. left over from class today.  Due tomorrow.
    Fri. - Log checked on Mon.  Bring Giver book to class, you will need it to finish the test. No vocab hw till next week.
    3/12 - 3/16
    Mon- Students are excused from SSR at home until we begin BOOK IT. (estimated start date - Thurs. or Fri. of this week)
              Complete essay planning sheet for Tues.  (The Giver)
    Tues. - Complete SWACC vocab. sheet for Wed
    Wed. - Fill in the blank worksheet (Giver voc.)  Quiz next Wed.  Start reviewing a little each night.
    Book It begins tomorrow in class.  (Book It is a Language Arts district assessment.  Students will be required to read a book in a designated period of time, take notes, and plan an oral presentation with a visual.  The majority of the reading will be completed in school as well as the planning and visual.  Nearer the due date, students will need to practice their presentation at home.  Presentations will begin on approximately  April 4).
    Thurs. -  Day 1 Book It -  Read any pages necessary to meet your daily goal.  Record on "Book It" log.
    Fri. - Day 2 - same as above
    Sat./Sun. - complete reading for Day 3 of Book It.
    3/19 - 3/22
    Mon. - Complete Day 4 of Book It.   Vocab. - Rd.1 (Giver)  - make flashcards for the words you missed on pretest.  (Front- the word ; Back - the definition & illust)
    Tues. - Complete Day 5 of Book It.  Vocab. - Rd.2 (Giver) - same as above 
    Wed. - Complete Day 6 of Book It.  (In the event of a snow day, please complete all of your pages at home)  Day 7 will be completd in school, when we return.)
    Fri - Complete Day 7 of Book It.  You may read ahead if you wish.   This will give you more time to complete graphic organizer in class on Mon.
    3/26 - 3/28
    Mon. - Day 8 of Book It - book and graphic organizer should be complete for tomorrow.
    Tues. - Study for vocabulary quiz - all rounds from The Giver.
    Wed. - Book It - Graphic organizer #1 should be finished.  Plot list and graphic organizer #2 due Tues.  Happy BreaK!
    4/2/ - 4/6
    Mon. -  Everyone should have a new SSR book to read.  Book It - Fill in "BODY" of graphic organizer #2.
    Tues. - Finish classwork if needed.
                         Plot slide 4 - events you want to talk about
                         Plot slide 5 - next set of events  you want to talk about
                         Plot slide 6             same
                         Plot slide 7             same
                         Plot side 8              same
                         Plot slide 9             same
                        Plot slide 10           ends with climax/cliff hanger
     *******On graphic organizer #2, label each character trait and theme example with the number slide it belongs with.
    Complete Introduction section on graphic organizer #2
    Wed. - Complete conclusion section on graphic organizer #2.  Make sure your plot events are finished.  See above.
    Thurs. - Work on organizer #3 (powerpoint).  It should be finished by the end of class tomorrow!
    4/9 - 4/13
    Mon. - Finish vocab. from class if necessary.  PSSA tomorrow! Get a good night's sleep, eat a good breakfast, and have a positive attitude.
    Tues.  PSSA continues tomorrow and Wed.    Students should be working on Book It presentations.   Practice, Practice,  Practice!  (Presentations will begin the end of next week, after PSSA's are finished.)
    Enrichment Opportunity - worth 10 points  - You must have handed in your yellow log, completely filled in and with a parent signature, in order to be eligble for these 10 points!
    Choose an independent reading book from your log.  (Not Giver and not your book from Book It)
    Complete the following activity - Due Mon. I prefer it to be typed but you may hand write if you are super neat! Add illustrations.
           Create an acrostic based on the Title of your book.  Write a sentence that summarizes the story.  Tell the ending!  Make sure the title of the book stands out.(Different color)
                   T he main character, Jonas is feeling apprehensive.
                   H e is excited, but anxious about the ceremony of 12.
                   E veryone in the community is shocked when  he is selected as The Receiver of Memory.
                   G iver, Jonas asks, "There is more than just the here and now?  Why can't everyone have the memories? "  
                   I   want to be able to choose the color of my tunic; choices would make life so much more interesting. 
                  V  aliantly,  after seeing the release of the twin, Jonas escapes, taking the child Gabe with him.
                  E  lsewhere, seemed to be getting closer, but could Jonas keep Gabe alive?
                  R  eaching Elsewhere, Jonas hears music coming from the place where he knew a family was waiting; he also hears music from far away. Or maybe it was just an echo?
    April 16 - 20
    Mon - Thurs  - Roots 3 quiz on Fri.  Practice Book It speeches for next week!  Remember this is a district assessment!  Preparation = Success.
    *** During 4th quarter, students will not be required to keep a weekly log. All books that are completed should be recorded on yellow yearly reading log.
          Standard classes - minimum of 3 books      Advanced class - minimum of 4 books.
    Fri - Practice Book It speeches.  We begin presentations on Tuesday!  (Students have parents watch and evaluate your performance.  Use the sheet Mrs. Mancin gave you)
    April 23 -  April 27
    Mon.  -  Fri.    Book It presentations begin on Tues.  Practice as much as you can and need!   Parents should also evaluate you.  The evaluation sheet will be collected along with graphic organizers 2 and 3.  EVERYONE SHOULD BE READY TOMORROW!   Make sure you remember any props or costume pieces you want to use!
    April 30 _ May 4
    Mon - Book It presentations end tomorrow.  No written hw.  Everyone should be finished at least one book, since The Giver.
    Tues.- Roots 4 list - 2 examples (per 5 - 3 examples)   Quiz -  TBA
           ast - star     aero -- air         arch -- chief     chron -  time      cycl  - circle,     ring  dem - people        gram - letter, written       meter - measure       scop - see      therm --heat 
    Wed. - see above.  Roots list 4 due tomorrow 
    Thurs - Fri  - Roots pictogram due Tues.    Include -  Symbol for your root, 5 examples, color   
    5/7 - 5/11
    Mon. - roots pictogram due tomorrow. Roots 4 quiz Fri.  
    Tues. - Roots quiz Fri. 
    Wed. - Context clues ws 3
    Thurs - study for roots quiz tomorrow  
    5/14 - 5/15
    Mon.  2 ex. list 5 Roots.  Quiz Fri.
    Tues.  - 10 fill in blank sentences - roots 5.  Do not write in answer.  Make a word bank.  Due Fri.
    Thurs. - Roots 5 - sentences and quiz tomorrow
    Fri. - Complete "Whose Phone  Is This? - Due Mon.
    5/21 - 5/25
    Mon.  Roots 6 - 2 ex. due tomorrow.  (Per. 5 - 3 ex.)
    Tues. - No written hw.
    Wed. - No written hw. Read your book!  Roots quiz next week.  TBA
    Thurs. - Tangerine to p. 42.  Recorded version on Mrs. Mancini's web page.  Fill in first 2 boxes of Chapter titles.
    Fri. - Tangerine to p. 70.  Complete all work in the packet through p. 70.
    5/29/- 6/1
    Tues. - Fri.  - See Mrs. Mancini's hw page.   Roots quiz on Thurs.
    6/4/ - 6/8
    Mon.  Tangerine to p. 230 .     Yearly reading logs due on Wed.  Parent signature.  Include Tangerine on the list.
    Tues. -  Tangerine to p. 250   Reaading logs due tomorrow.
    Wed. - Tangerine to p. 288.  Catch up on written work, if necessary.   LOGS OVERDUE!