Recommendation Request Form

    Before you ask me to write you a letter, you should ask yourself several questions.
    1. Did I have an "A" or "A-" overall average in Mrs. McLaughlin's class? If not, is there a better class to demonstrate my strong academic skills for this letter?
    2. If I did not have an A or A-, did I show great growth, grit, character or resilience in her class?
    3. Is my area of academic interest similar to Mrs. McLaughlin's class?
     Depending on your answers to the above questions, determine if I am the best fit to write this letter. If I am, please see below.
    In order to have a letter sent, please bring me this completed form and any other relevant materials at least 3 weeks prior to needing your first letter. More time is always better but I will not begin writing your letter before I have this form and you have uploaded all of your materials to Naviance so please do not delay.
    Please see me if you have any questions. I also LOVE to hear when you get accepted into your schools. 
    Good luck!
    Mrs. McLaughlin