• 2022-2023 Wind Ensemble Information and Commitment Forms


    Wind Ensemble Grading Procedures 


    Summative Portfolio Submissions: Evaluations are focused on the ability of each student to perform the instructional content. Portfolio content will emphasize the individual skills necessary for compelling ensemble performance. Summative portfolio submissions will be assigned three times per marking period and will constitute the majority of an individual’s “grade” in the ensemble curriculum.

    Concert Performance and Rehearsal Attendance: Concert performances, adjudications, dress rehearsals, and standard after school rehearsals are a critical part of the learning process, and it is impossible to replicate such experiential learning. Failure to attend an event without receiving prior approval is unacceptable, and unexcused absences will receive no credit and no opportunity for “make-up” credit. There is no virtual option replacing in-person attendance. Sickness must be verified by a doctor’s note. Family emergencies are understandable, but final approval is determined by the director and, when necessary, the administration. Employment is never an excuse. Athletic conflicts are always worked out in advance between the director, coach and/or athletic director. Communication prior to an absence is essential to the successful maintenance of a fair and necessarily subjective policy.

    Formative Portfolio Submissions: Effective musical performance requires physical and mental training over time. It is impossible to cram for success in music. Although the formative submissions may not represent a significant amount of the “grade” in the ensemble curriculum, they can certainly make the difference in a final letter grade. Formative submissions are intended to help every student develop quality summative portfolio submissions. Failure to complete these formative submissions will not only result in a slight reduction in the overall score for the marking period, but they also indicate an unsuccessful path toward compelling performance on the summative portfolio.


    Attendance at Important Out-of-Class Events 

    Planning around these events can be challenging. For those students who participate in the marching band, the marching band spring trip, the jazz ensemble, and/or the pit orchestra, there may be as many as three or four rehearsals every week for much of the school year. Although this list relates only to this class, a full calendar of all band related events will be maintained at the CB East band website, www.cbsd.org/eastband. A failure to plan for the scheduled events is not an excuse for missing the events.

     If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail Mr. Morehouse at jmorehouse@cbsd.org.