What Types of Writing Do Second Graders Do?
    * Personal Narratives – “Small Moments”
    l* Poetry- Multiple Forms
    l* Non-fiction (research based writing, "how to")
    * Letters
    * Opinion Writing
    l* Summaries
    l* Reading Responses
    * Creative Writing/ Fiction
    * Journaling

    What Should Second Grade Writers Be Able to Do?

    Students will be able to...

    l* Generate ideas and identify a topic for writing
    * Visualize ideas and sketch out or tell a story before writing
    * Participate in shared and modeled writing
    * Write a series of related sentences about a topic
    * Write a clear beginning, middle, and end
    * Stretch out writing with specific details
    * Approximate spelling of unknown words and use available classroom resources such as the word wall
    * Develop stamina (writing for an extended period of time)
    * Use various revision strategies and editing checklists to strengthen writing
    * Participate in writing conferences

    Expectations for Grammar and Conventions

    * Use capitalization and punctuation correctly and consistently
    * Write complete sentences
    * Identify and use nouns (singular, plural, common, proper)
    * Use neat handwriting with appropriate size and spacing