• Welcome to West!
    Fall Timeline 
    Sophomore Survey Deadline: September 9th
    Time Capsule Deadline: September 16th
    PSAT Registration:  October 7th (PSAT Test: October 15th)
    PAYS Survey:  
    Success Plan Info: More to Follow!
    Naviance Registration & Update of Email
    Intro to Career Plan
  • Winter Timeline


    Career Plan 10

    Step 1: Log into Naviance

       User Name: Student ID

       Password: 6 digit Birthday

    Step 2: Link your school email account or an email you regularly use

    Step 3: Take the "Strengths Explorer" Survey

    Step 4: Take the "Personality Type" Survey

    Step 5: Explore Career Cluster Finder

    Step 6: Congratulations!  You have passed Career Plan 10!


    Program Planning Guide Timeline

    January 3rd:   Program of Studies for 2017-18 will be made available online: Program Guide

    January 13th through February 5thStudents will enter their course selections online via the Student Portal.  Students must enter all course requests by 11PM on Sunday, February 5th.

    February 6th through March 3rd: Students will meet individually with their counselor.  

    March 13thCourse Verification Sheets will be available to view/print through the Student Portal. 

    March 15th: Signed Verification Sheets must be returned to HR/Advisory teachers only if you need to make a change to any courses listed on the Course Verification Sheet.

    March 21stNo changes will be made to course requests after today, unless the change meets the requirements of the Critical Course Change Policy (page 2 of the Program of Studies).